5 Luxury features you’ll find in a Star Residences apartment

Luxury living is more than what is contained within your home. Star Residences apartments also provide a range of amenities and features to elevate your experience, including:

Lap Pools, Gym, Sauna & Steam Room

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, or simply looking for a way to ease some stress, then our convenient, luxury facilities are perfect for you. With a 23.5-metre lap pool located on the 20th floor – available exclusively to residents – you can enjoy a workout amid stunning views of the city. Up on level 21, you will find another swimming pool that is better suited to relaxation and recreation. You will also find a fully equipped gym for both strength and endurance training, as well as a sauna and steam room to detoxify and feel your freshest self.

Kid’s Club

If you’ve got little ones and would like to encourage more social interaction, then our kid’s club is an ideal place to take them. Qualified staff are there to monitor groups and provide fun activities amidst a wide selection of toys, games, play areas and so much more! 

Outdoor BBQ & Dining Areas

Another one of our luxury features that you don’t want to miss out on is the outdoor BBQ & dining spaces. These spots are appointed with all of the equipment and appliances you may need to prepare and serve sumptuous meals, as well as allow larger groups to congregate together in shared spaces for an unmatched communal experience. 

Private Dining Areas

Sometimes you want to enjoy an intimate meal with an ambience of peace and quiet. Whether it is date night, the venue for an important occasion you can’t share with the world, or just a place to get away from our everyday responsibilities – you will have access to a selection of private dining spaces where you can sit back and relax with a meal by either yourself or your nearest and dearest, accompanied only by the outstanding views of the Gold Coast.


Sometimes the small screen just won’t do, but venturing to a public cinema can be filled with the distractions of other patrons surrounding you. Find the seclusion you crave amid a well-equipped home theatre for an improved viewing experience. With comfortable, reclining seats set spaciously before a sizeable screen, you will never want to see a new feature any other way. 

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